nne Rowe, St. Louis' premier portrait artist, offers clients the unique opportunity to commemorate, celebrate and remember a special moment in time through the gift
of her artistic talents.
Painted portraits have a traditional role in the history of art, holding their own through every art movement. Paintings of people by major and minor artists capture the attention of museum visitors, leading us into unknown lives of men, women and children. As modern technology has made its own path into art, it is no longer necessary for a portrait to be painted by an artist's hand. A painted portrait is a choice --- it is the outcome of the connection between the subject and the artist. It is a choice made by those who appreciatiate the tradition of people making art.

The Newest Angel

Anne Burgess Rowe

Anne has recently written and illustrated a children's book, The Newest Angel. A touching story of a young girl's spunk and results of God's watchful eye.
From the book's preface:
"Anyone who has visited or lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico comes to realize that it is a city of inspiration—a place of art, cultural diversity and spiritual beginnings. I moved to Santa Fe after raising a family, in search of a beginning. I was one of many people striving to make a living through making art, a difficult and challenging path..." Read more
Anne's book is available at Barnes and Noble and Left Bank books in St. Louis.


Anne Burgess Rowe

St. Louis portrait artist, Anne Burgess Rowe, has been painting portraits for almost forty years. Her portraits in oil, pastel and graphite are known nationally and internationally. Read more